Good hearing helps kids stay safe

Little kids are safer when they hear well. When kids can’t hear well they don’t hear something that could hurt them.

  • Kids with good ears can hear you yell, ‘That car coming!’
  • Kids with good ears runs away before that cheeky dog sneaks up to bite them.
  • Kids with good ears listen to family. ‘That fire is hot,’ ‘Sharp knife!’ ‘That snake’s a bad one.’

Kids can understand their world better when they have good hearing.

When kids hear well they learn from everything going on in their world.

  • Kids who don’t hear well miss out on the information in people’s talk.
  • Kids with hearing loss have to watch to learn. They miss out on why things have to be done in certain ways.
  • Kids who can’t hear well can get scared and confused when things change. They didn’t hear what was happening so they don’t know why.
  • Kids stop talking to kids with hearing loss because they don’t seem to understand. Kids miss out on learning from other kids.
  • ids who have trouble hearing may need more help to know what is going on. They may watch and wait to see other people do things. They may like to stay around family when new things are happening.