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Stopping too much noise

  • Talk to people and ask them to ‘keep the noise  down’ because you are worried about kids ears.
  • Move kids away from loud noise at parties and discos.
  • Don’t have loud music in cars for a long time. Don’t travel in cars when people are going to play loud music for a long time.
  • At home – turn TV volume down, don’t let kids sit right in front of TV or close to loud music.
  • Mobile phones – don’t let kids listen to music on phones too loud or for too long.
  • Tell older kids the story about how listening to loud music through headphones can hurt ears.
  • Get older kids to help look after the ears of younger kids.
  • Don’t let babies and little kids use headphones.
  • When people are shouting and screaming in your house, tell them to talk quieter. If adults are shouting ask them to leave because they are hurting kids ears.  
  • Move kids away from people who are shouting and screaming outside your home.

noisy headphones while sleeping